Explosive Design and UI!
Euca Design has a wealth of experience in responsive design (such as this site!), which can aid in a great user experience in any device, including tablets and smart phones. UX and UI are important!
Euca Programming
Euca Design has worked for customers all around the world. Some common services include:
  • Custom CMS and Administration
  • Wordpress Installation and Config
  • eCommerce: Shopping Carts, Custom Discounts, etc.
  • Call Centers, Forums, and other Apps
  • API integration (Such as payment and shipping)
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Euca Hosting
Euca Design owns and operates its own professional Managed Hosting servers, concentrating on Virtual Private Servers.
  • Email and DNS Services
  • Web Design & Programming
  • Linux Server Administration
  • Snap Shots and Backups
  • On-Call Support Hotline
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Good Communication, Every Hour Tracked, Net 15. 'Nuff said!
Now, I was going to look for a generic image of a professional programmer in a suit... Here are some cars I captured that are way more interesting.

Euca Design is a full service web house, with core services in design, programming, and hosting. We are a small company which can leverage a network of contracted programmers and designers if needed, to meet the requirments of most any size of project.

We have significant experience in responsive design, and can help make that transition for your site to a wider range of devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

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