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Hosting Plan HD Space RAM Traffic Cost
Limited Needs 8GB up to 512Mb 1Mbs cap $12/mo*
Basic 16GB up to 1Gb 1Mbs cap $24/mo*
Standard 32GB up to 2Gb 1Mbs cap $45/mo*
Large 64GB up to 3 Gb 1Mbs cap $96/mo*
Enterprise 128GB* up to 4Gb 1Mbs cap $192/mo*

* EDC provides only “Managed VPS” services, so one of the two management packages below is required when purchasing a hosting plan from EDC.

* If your needs are greater than 128GB, please call to discuss your needs


Management Package* Hours/Mo
Cost Additional Hrs/Mo
Standard up to 1 $30/mo + $85/hr
Interactive up to 4 $112/mo ($28/hr) + $70/hr


BOTH packages include:

  • Up to 100 email Accounts
  • Emergency Hot Line number
  • WebSite Statistic Reporting (upon request)
  • System Snapshots upon request
  • One static I.P. address

STANDARD package includes:

  • Up to 1 Hr of service/mo (DNS Changes, Email Management, programming (PHP,WebDNA), snap shots, etc..)

INTERACTIVE package includes:

  • Up to 4 Hrs of service/mo (DNS Changes, Email Management, programming (PHP,WebDNA), snap shots, etc..)
  • Discounted “additional service” rate.


Initial Image OS* Tools† Setup Cost
LAMP Ubuntu Linux,Apache2,MySQL,PHP $125 - one time
LAMP_PLUS Ubuntu Linux, Apache2, MySQL, PHP, ImageMagick, Wordpress, Drupal, WebDNA, PH PMyAdmin $250 - one time
CUSTOM   For site migration and other unique setups, contact EDC for a quote.

* Other linux OS’s are available upon request, but may incur additional set up charges
† 1 admin (SuperUser) SSH account and 1 FTP account (to HTML root) are setup by default.

The following are available options:

  • All plans are eligible for a 10% discount for year contracts paid up front.
  • Static I.P.’s, and SSL certificates - $3/mo per I.P. / SSL prices vary
  • Daily Backups - $15/mo
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