About Us

Euca Design is looking for a Programming Support Person!

Euca Design specializes in database-driven development using tools such as PHP, MySQL, Jquery, CSS, and WebDNA.

Serving customers from all parts of the world since 2001, EDC has cultivated a word-of-mouth reputation for it's unique and versatile services. Most Euca clients are long-time patrons who run successful dynamic sites that require regular interaction, whether it is back-ups, programming changes, new features, search engine optimization, e-commerce, or web hosting. However, Euca always has room to talk to new potential partners in business, regarding any of their web needs, large or small.

As a Euca Design client, expect personal interaction, experience-driven answers to questions, ethical business practices, honest and clear communication, and a quality and speedy service. With Euca, you will rarely hear the words "that can't be done". Contact Euca Design today to discuss your needs.

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